Bellafill | Artefill the Permanent Filler


Why Not Inject Your Way to Younger Face With an Injectable Filler that Lasts?

Bellafill, sometimes known as Artefill is the perfect long lasting wrinkle filler choice.  It is a permanent filler.

The short term or temporary wrinkle like Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Radiesse  and Scultra fillers are eventually absorbed by your body and repeated injections are required to maintain the results you love.

Lasting at least 5 years, Bellafill (Artefill) is much less expensive and far easier than having to get regular maintenance injections.

Bellafill |Artefill Before and After 5 Year Follow Up


Artefill Nalolabial Folds BeforeBefore Bellafill

Artefill After One Year4 Months After Bellafill

Artefill laugh lines 5 years after 5 Years After Bellafill

More about this patient 4 Months and Year 5

Dr. Windle is the Clinical Consultant for Suneva Medical 

In this role, Dr. Windle

  • Helps the medical affairs deartment to address filler problems and concerns that have been brought to the companies attention from around the US and Canada.
  • Reviews education material for physicians and manufacturer’s representatives.
  • Reviews research material and study protocols.

Dr. Windle is a National Bellafill Injector Trainer Instructor for Suneva Medical

In this role Dr. Windle

  • trains physician injectors as well as other injector trainers at the Kirkland office on the proper use of long term fillers like Bellafill and Artefill.  This includes the proper use of micro-cannulas and the best placement of Bellafill to help to avoid complications and improve results.

Dr Windle Talks about the Risks of Fillers

Bellafill or Artefill Can be Used Almost Anywhere Including:

  • Bellafill or Artefill for Lip Augmentation or Lip Injection Before and After Photos

Bellafill Before and After Lip Augmention

  • Bellafill or Artefill for Smile Lines or Marionette Lines Before and After Photos

Artefill Bellafill before and after lips and smile lines jowls

  • Bellafill or Artefill for Laugh Lines or Nasolabial Folds Before and After Photos

Bellafill Artefill Before and After Laugh Lines and Lower Eyelid Bags

  • Bellafill or Artefill for Lower Eyelid Bags or Tear Trough Before and After Photos

Bellafill Artefill Before and After Lower Eyelid Bags

  • Bellafill or Artefill Nose Job or Liquid Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Artefill Bellafill Liquid Rhinoplasty before and after

Artefill Rebranded to Bellafill

On December 1, 2014 the makers of Artefill decided to rebrand the product to Bellafill.  Many have asked why and the fact is that in Canada and Singapore, where the product is also sold, it is known as Bellafill and that name cannot be changed.  On order to have one name across the nations, it was easier to rebrand Artefill to Bellafill.

More Bellafill or Artefill Before and After Photos


Bellafill | Artefill is FDA Approved

Bellafill has been FDA approved as a laugh line filler or nasolabial fold filler and is the only filler approved as an acne scar treatment.

Bellafill or Artefill is Often Confused with Other Fillers

Bellafill | Artefill is the only injectable filler approved in the United States that fulfills the promise of lasting results.   Available for a decade now Bellafill or Artefill is the latest generation of this type of facial filler.  The initial form of this filler was called Arteplast and later, after improvements, was called Artecoll.  Artecoll was then further improved to the current Bellafill | Artefill which is a polymethylmertaculate and collagen filler.  Bellafill | Artefill is not to be confused with Aquamid which is a polyaldehyde based and is a permanent filler NOT available in the US.

Sometimes patients are out of the country and get a filler called Aquamid and then come back to the US thinking that they got Artefill.  Aquamid is also a permanent filler that is not available in the US legitimately and has a reputation for causing bumps and other problems although some reputable overseas physicians use it and like it.

What is the Cost of Artefill or Bellafill?

As a permanent fill Bellafill or Artefill will cost a little more but it is usually about the same price as Juvederm Voluma but it lasts much longer and thus is a great value.  Our filler cost or price can be found here:    Bellafill or Artefill Cost or Price

Many patients require a few syringes to get their desires results and you will discuss your goals with Dr. Windle and select the appropriate amount of Bellafill or Artefill to use.  Although the initial cost of Bellafill may be higher than that of other injectable fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, the long-lasting nature of Bellafill or Artefill provides exceptional long term savings.

What about Bellafill | Artefill Reviews?

There are many places to find reviews about Bellafill or Artefill as a filler.  You can check our reviews of Bellafill or Artefill here.

Bellafill | Artefill has Been Used for Over 15 Years in various forms

Artefill injections were developed in the late 1980’s and have been used throughout Europe and Canada since the early 1990’s.  It was refined and improved in the early 2000’s and was brought to the US market in 2003.

What is Bellafill or Artefill and How Does It Work?

Bellafill is largely collagen.  Each syringe consists of 85% hypoallergenic bovine collagen and the 13% polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).  The PMMA is like a pinch of flour that will act as bio-stimulant.  Collagen is well known filler that has been used for a long time. The collagen will be completely absorbed at 3 to 6 months.  As the collagen is resorbed, your body makes new collagen and tissue around the PMMA to maintain the volume.  Therefore, initially Bellafill or Artefill is a filler, but after the collagen is absorbed, Bellafill is a tissue replacement or volume replacement similar to fat grafting.  The big difference is that, as opposed to fat that can have a variable take, Bellafill is 100% predictable.

bellafill after 4 months

How is Artefill or Bellafill Different from the Temporary Fillers?

The temporary fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Collagen, and Radiesse are all eventually absorbed by the body and repeat injections are required to maintain results usually at 10 to 24 months depending upon the filler.  Bellafill is permanent since the PMMA microspheres in Bellafill or Artefill are not absorbed by the body. These microspheres provide the permanent support needed for long-lasting wrinkle correction.


Artefill or Bellafill Results

The results are very similar to results that can be obtained using other fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma and Radiesse.  In some instances, such as under the eye or treating lower eyelid bags the results can be better than other fillers since Bellafill is so smooth and can be airbrushed into place with a cannula with more precision than some other fillers.  The major difference is that results from Bellafill or Artefill are very long lasting.  Typically only 1 or 2 treatment sessions, about 3-4 are needed to get a beautiful lasting correction.

How is Bellafill or Artefill Injected

The top or best Bellafill doctors will usually use a micro-cannula rather than a needle.  These are really blunt needles in which the product comes out the side.  Micro-cannulas are:

  • Safer since they are far less likely to result in an injection of the filler like Bellafill into a blood vessel causing catastrophic injury.
  • Far less painful than conventional needle injections of wrinkle fillers.
  • More precise for a better Bellafill result. They allow the filler to be airbrushed into place.
  • Produce less trauma than needle so that your Bellafill or Artefill injection will have less swelling and less bruising.

Microcannula for Bellafill

Artefill or Bellafill Skin Test

A skin test is available to make sure that you are not allergic to the bovine collagen contained in Bellafill. The skin test involves injection of a small amount of the collagen under the skin of the forearm.  In Canada and Singapore no test is provided as there are rarely any reactions but it is available.


Who Should NOT Get Artefill or Bellafill?

Most individuals are good candidates for Bellafill however you should not get Bellafill or Artefill if you:

  • Have a positive reaction to the Bellafill skin test.
  • Have a history of severe allergies and hypersensitivity (anaphylaxis).
  • Are allergic to the anesthetic (lidocaine) in Bellafill,
  • Are prone to thick keloid scarring.

I am Interested in Bellafill! What Should I Do Next?

If you are considering Bellafill or Artefill please contact us to schedule a consultation and/or treatment at Partington Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.  During the visit, Dr. Windle will listen to your concerns carefully analyze your face, evaluate your situation and discuss your options.  After careful analysis of your face, we will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure and inform you of the alternatives and potential risks of the procedure.


Dr. Brian Windle Plastic Surgery has patients that come for Bellafill or Artefill from the US and Canada, including Federal Way, Shoreline, Burien, Lynnwood, Seattle, Issaquah, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell, Redmond, Woodinville, Snohomish, Everett, Mill Creek, Edmonds, North Seattle, Auburn, Kent, Mercer Island, Renton, Sammamish, Marysville, Bremerton, Burien, West Seattle, Munroe, Ellensburg, Maple Valley,  West Seattle, North Bend, Des Moines and Vancouver.







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